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Lessons go for approx 1-1.5 hours. We aim to show you all the techniques required for each project. But not all projects will be completed in the time allowed.
If you would like a personal one on one lesson or help to do a project the price starts from $60 an hour.
Please ring or email to book into a lesson prior to the day, as insufficient numbers will cause the class to be cancelled. If the lesson is running we are happy to fit extras in on the day.
The below times are the start time for the lesson. If you need  to purchase supplies, you must come in prior to the lesson time.
KIDS BEADING GROUP - bring the kids in during the holidays, $30 and we will show them the techniques needed to complete a project.


JULY 2018      

WED 11TH     12PM     KIDS CLASS ($30 INC MATERIALS)                                                              THUR 19TH     12PM     KIDS CLASS ($30 INC MATERIALS)                                                   SAT 21ST     12PM     BEGINNER BASICS $40 INC MATERIALS)                                                    WED 25TH     12PM     PEARL KNOTTING ($25 + MATERIALS)                                                       SUN 29TH     12PM     WIRE WRAP BRACELET ($25 + MATERIALS)


WED 1ST     12PM     RUSSIAN SPIRAL NECKLACE ($25 + MATERIALS)                                      SAT 4TH     12PM     KNOTTED LARIAT ($25 + MATERIALS)                                                         WED 8TH     12PM     OWL BROOCH ($25 + MATERIALS)                                                                     SUN 12TH     12PM     NETTING NECKLACE ($25 + MATERIALS)                                                  WED 15TH     12PM     PEYOTE STITCH EARRINGS ($25 + MATERIAL)                                      WED 22ND     12PM     BEGINNERS BASICS ($40 INC MATERIALS)                                               SAT 25TH     12PM     HELM CHAIN BRACELET ($25 + MATERIALS)                                                   WED 29TH     12PM     WIRE BEAD NECKLACE ($20 + MATERIALS)


SUN 2ND     12PM     BEADED FLOWERS ($25 + MATERIALS)                                                       WED 5TH     12PM     BEADED RING ($25 + MATERIALS)                                                                SUN 9TH     12PM     CHAINED NECKLACE ($25 + MATERIALS)                                                   WED 12TH     12PM        WIRE WRAPPED BRACELET                                                                    SAT 15TH     12PM     WIRE COIL LARIAT ($25 + MATERIALS)                                                      SUN 23RD     12PM   KNOTTED CORD & BEAD NECKLACE($25 + MATERIALS)                         WED 26TH     12PM     BEADED FLOWERS ($25 + MATERIALS)